The technology behind Biodiesel

The Ecolin Biodiesel plant applies green production processes that are groundbreaking to international standards and does not pollute the environment. The advanced plant has researched and developed equipment which combines many years of industrial knowledge and breakthrough engineering technologies accompanied by up-to-date academic research.

The raw materials used for the production of Biodiesel are collected by the company from various sources which produce a meticulous process of refining and manufacturing, this includes daily laboratory tests throughout the production stages. The results are Pure and high-quality Biodiesel, which meets the strictest standards.

Biodiesel for heating systems

Any public or business institution which operates an “Around the clock” heating system is forced to allocate a great deal of financial resources to this task, one of the most advanced and an economical ways to do this is through the use of Biodiesel.

This offers a wide range of economic and environmental advantages in relation to other alternatives such as oil, fuel and diesel:

  • Biodiesel is suitable for use in industrial and domestic heating.
  • Biodiesel in a mix of 50% biodiesel and 50% diesel (B-50) and is used as an efficient source for heating.
  • Biodiesel has low carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional fuels and is therefore more environmentally friendly.
  • The use of Biodiesel does not require mechanical changes in the heating system.

Biodiesel for transportation

The use of Biodiesel for transportation is constantly increasing throughout the world, a mixture of Biodiesel and diesel together creates less pollution and therefore a cleaner environment.

  • The use of Biodiesel reduces the level of particulate emissions and the level of air pollution of the vehicle fleet.
  • Biodiesel offers better shielding properties that reduce mechanical wear on diesel engines.
  • Biodiesel contributes to engine efficiency and extends the life of fuel injection systems.
  • Biodiesel has a higher flash point than diesel and lower steam pressure.
  • The flash point (the lowest temperature at which the liquid becomes vapor and creates a combustible mixture) in Biodiesel is significantly higher than diesel.


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