Solvents for the industry, biodiesel for transportation, rental and replacement of diesel for generators.



In the advanced and modern production plants of Ecolin Biodiesel located in Ashdod, we produce Biodiesel made from recycled vegetable oil characterized by a high energy value. The production is done in a “closed” chemical process, which does not pollute the air – Nor the soil.

Ecolin Biodiesel produces its fuel in compliance with the European Standard 14214 and is regularly monitored and tested to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

Ecolin Biodiesel Ltd. Is a manufacturing company for Biodiesel used for transportation and heating systems. As well as providing professional, high-quality and economical green generation running on Biodiesel.

We supply a large range of eco-friendly Biodiesel generators for any kind of demands. Including construction sites &  events.

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